Mastering Manual Online Workshop

Mastering Manual Online Workshop

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This online workshop will help you get comfortable with your camera settings + start mastering how to shoot in manual!

Please note - this is NOT specific to Nikon! This explains the ins and outs of manual camera settings that are universal.

I have done so many mentor sessions with photographers who shoot in manual, but don’t have a clear understanding of the function of different settings, limiting their ability - I want you to be able to use your camera fully and have the confidence to rock any session, regardless of your lighting situation!

This is perfect for photographers, bloggers or anyone simply wanting to get more use and control with your camera!

I walk you through Aperature, Shutter Speed, ISO, Focus, White Balance and my go-to settings for different lighting situations, including photo examples with my actual settings and why I choose what I choose.


PDF Guide

1 Page Reference Sheet for quick, easy reference during shoots

Video going over + detailing settings

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