Back to School

It's official...everyone has now started school. For all my class of 2018, this means you are FINALLY seniors!! I might have graduated way back before y'all were even walking, but I totally remember how great (+ sometimes overwhelming) senior year felt.

If y'all haven't scheduled your senior session, you've got just a smidgen amount of time left to get on my books!! Listen, I get it - summer flew by + now you're back in school + photos were the last thing on your mind - HOWEVER, it's here more denying you're one step closer to adulating + senior yearbook deadline is just another reminder that you're one foot out the door...SO - Head over to my contact page + let's chat!

If you're a Class of 2019, or 2018 wanting spring photos, get on my 2018 Waitlist to get first dibs at dates!!

Here are a few (somewhat cliché) photos from a fun shoot with some of my amazing NBP Model Team <3