The Story of You

Something happened to me when I went to Vegas (other than getting painfully behind on my blogging)...I learned, + felt it to be true, that I don't have to shoot the way people want me to. That even though I started on a specific journey, I can alter that to fit me + where I want to go. I can shoot more the way I want to shoot.

I have always loved - almost to an obsessive state - stories. I love really knowing people + hearing their stories, getting the raw details, hearing the painful honesty, seeing that incredible beauty + strength that each individual possesses. That is why I have always aimed at knowing the true you - being able to make the sessions truly speak to who you are + capturing that authentically. Yet it never got quite there for me...

I have always been drawn to lifestyle photography. The way it emotes + tells stories. Lifestyle photography has always made me feel something... + that is what I want my photography to do. I want it to move people. Somehow, I felt that while I loved it so, it just wasn't "me"..that I couldn't produce that type of work.

While in Vegas, that changed. I had the amazing opportunity to work with Spanki Mills, an incredible photographer from Texas, who shared with us her story of finding her voice in photography, + shooting the way she wanted. Something shifted in me that was like I was granted the permission I never needed to be true to the voice I have. I know I see beauty in the world in a way that not all people do - That is what I have to offer. I can tell your story in a way others can't.

All this to say - I have a lovely friend who just had a beautiful baby girl. I was asked to be present during the labor + birth, as well as doing some Fresh 48 images. It was magical. Being able to capture the moments they welcomed their baby girl into the world was nothing short of witnessing a miracle + the images have left my heart overwhelmingly happy. I have done some of this type of photography before, but I know this is the type of sessions I want to do - now I'm ready to share this with you all.


I am now offering Lifestyle Maternity, Birth Story + Fresh 48 sessions as part of my regular collections. I have also created The Story Of You Collection that includes all 3 sessions that will be packaged up in a beautiful album - the perfect way to tell the story of your little + your family.


You can view these collection details here.  If you are expecting + are interested in having me tell your story, contact me + let's chat! I would love to be able to capture these moments for you!

More blog posts with these lifestyle maternity, birth story + Fresh 48 are coming your way soon!!