wedding wednesday/ beauty prep


As you prepare for your dream wedding day, there are a multitude of things to think about, prep for, plan out, purchase, budget, etc...the list goes on and on. I'm going to be popping on here to be a resource to you as you walk through these days leading up to the day you say "I do" to the man of your dreams + start your beautiful marriage.

We all want to look the most beautiful on our wedding day and sometimes try things we normally wouldn't (or five different things all at once) in attempts to land with the perfect glowing skin on the big day. However, that doesn't always work out for the best. I am so so excited to be sharing with you some important beauty beauty prep info from my girl Natalie at Beauty Base. Here to save us all is her go-to timeline and guidelines to achieving radiant skin.

10-8 months

Make sure you book your wedding make up.. this fills up super fast!!

6 months

Consult with an aesthetician about your goal for your skin. If you have problem skin, it’s best to get a game plan to clear up your skin before the big day! In 6 months you will notice a difference if you get on a professional regimen, with skin treatments.

4 months

Plan for your make up trial + get a microdermabrasion facial!!! Microdermabrasion helps to lighten dark spots, improves fine lines + gets all that dead, dull skin off!

3-2 months

Be sure to change your pillow cases every 3 weeks to prevent any breakouts this close to the wedding! Washing your face after a work out, or before bed is key! Maintaining your skins PH by washing + moisturizing daily will help to prevent any of those stress- induced breakouts.

1 month

Keep your skin care routine consistent!!! Especially in this last month, brides tend to want to try every brightening mask there is.. DON'T DO IT. Keep your routine consistent and remember to exfoliate at least once a week.

3 Weeks

If you are planning to get a spray tan, test it out now!

Week of Wedding

Spray tan 2 days before + make sure to moisturize daily! To keep your skin glowing + clear, put 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil in a 24 oz glass water bottle and drink up ✨

Have more questions or are looking for your beauty go-to girl? Check out Natalie at Beauty Base!!


Recommended Products + Treatments:




Extremely dry, sensitive, rosacea skin type:

Image Vital C Hydrating Cleanser + Moisturizer











Acne prone, oily skin type:

Image Clear Cell Cleanser + Oremedic Balancing  Moisturizer












Aging skin, fine lines, large pores:

Image Ageless Cleanser + Moisturizer








Treatments for brighter skin:

Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel, Dermaplane + Custom Facial.


For a better make up application on your wedding day:

Dermaplane, Microdermabrasion, Brow Wax + Tint.


Have any questions or would like to request any specific wedding info? Leave a comment below!