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You're ENGAGED!!!!


As you prepare for your dream wedding day, there are a multitude of things to think about, prep for, plan out, purchase, budget, etc...the list goes on and on. I'm going to be popping on here to be a resource to you as you walk through these days leading up to the day you say "I do" to the man of your dreams + start your beautiful marriage.

Here to start off our Wedding Wednesdays is Booking Timelines - the when for the what: (don't worry - they all won't be this simple + trust me - I've got a ton of amazing, useful + creative content coming your way!!)

12+ Months

(emphasis on the + although you might not have that much time)

Venue: Since this could very well dictate the actual date of your wedding - this is a big one. Got a dream venue in mind? Then you might have to be flexible on your wedding date. A lot of popular venues start booking up well over a year in advance, so I'd make this one your number one goal. Once your venue is booked, you officially have your date + the rest of the booking + planning can start!

Planner: If you are choosing to hire a wedding planner, this is another you should get booked soon. They tend to book out quite a bit, and if you have someone specific in mind, you'll want to snag them fast before your date is claimed!

Photographer: Now a lot of different publications mention this one closer to the 9-10 month timeline, however being a wedding photographer, as well as being close friends with several - I know often times we book out over a year in advanced. So again, if you've been eyeing a specific photographer, get in contact with them ASAP. Choosing to add in a Videographer? This is a great time to buckle that down as well.

10+ Months

Makeup + Hair: This is your glam squad. The ladies that will help you look flawless on your big day. Find someone who you like their work + trust for your big day - then get them secured for your date! These gals start getting weddings on their books super early, so don't wait til the last minute!

Florist: Whether you are going big or simple, florists put a lot of work into making the florals for your day look glam. They are artists + can only serve so many in one weekend.

Caterer: There are a few big things that most guests remember from the wedding day + the food tends to be one of them! Make sure you find your favorite yummy food + secure them for your date!

Dress: This obviously is a big one!! A lot of guidelines will say somewhere around 8 months for this one - however if your dream dress doesn't find you in the first few visits to the bridal boutique, or if you have anything custom or altered, these are all things that can push the arrival date of your gown back. We want to avoid as much stress as possible leading up to your wedding day, and stressing on whether or not your dress will be here on time or be fitted correctly just doesn't have to be one of them! Allow for extra cushion that way if anything comes up, you're still free and clear!

9 Months

Band/DJ: Want to hand off all the entertainment/music choices to a professional? Now is the time to start finding your party host!

8 Months

Save The Dates: Now is the time to send off these beauties!! All your big vendors are secured, you've likely had your engagement photos done + what better way to share them than with a Save the Date to ensure you're on the calendar of those you want to celebrate with! 

Officiant: Whomever will be speaking at your wedding + legally pronouncing you husband + wife should now be chosen - whether this be a pastor, priest, other church official or ordained friend.

Guest Rooms: Do you have family or friends coming in from out of town? If you are helping host them, or taking charge of reserving the rooms at nearby hotels or air bnb, now is the time to make those accommodation reservations. 

7 Months

CAKE: I mean who doesn't like cake?! Some cake is simply superior to others in taste + appearance. To ensure you're getting your dream masterpiece that you + your guests will remember well after the wedding, book this vendor now.

Bridesmaid Dresses: All your girls will be looking gorg next to you. Make sure that their dresses are ordered so there's time for delivery + any fittings that might need to take place.

Honeymoon: If you have a travel agent assisting you in planning your honeymoon, they suggest you start getting in contact and planning out all the newlywed vacationing bliss details now.

6 Months

Rentals: Whatever rentals you will be needing should be taken care of at this point. This includes any tables, chairs, linens, signage, centerpieces, etc.

5 Months

Guys' Attire: You and the girls aren’t the only ones looking incredible! Time for the men to pick out their handsome tuxes or suits!

Accessories: Everything that sparkles + adds the little shine for your day! Shoes, earrings, necklaces...find all those sweet details now!

Transportation: If you're using a limo or driver service for your day, now is the time to start thinking about making those reservations.

3 Months

Rings: Final selection + sizing can take place!! You're nearing the home stretch. (Note: you might want to consider a custom ring box for beautiful detail shots - something like theMrsBox maybe? You can always peruse Etsy + find something totally custom!)

Favors: Whatever little thank you or token of gratitude you’ll be sending your guests home with should now be ordered. If you are going for a DIY, that’s amazing!! Just make sure that you get a jumpstart on them now. (Don’t be like me, up until the wee hours of the night before my wedding finishing these details!)

2 Months

Gifts: Finding the right gift for the groom, parents and bridal party can prove difficult. Now that all the big wedding day details are taken care of, now you can focus on this one! Feeling stuck? Don’t worry – I’ll be doing a post on some of the best unique gifting ideas for your squad.


Maybe you’re way ahead of the game and have had your wedding basically planned long before he dropped to his knee and asked you to be his forever – or maybe you have no idea who you can turn to for your dream vendors to make your day everything you dreamed of. Just in case, I’ve included a list of some of my favorite vendors to help you out!



Vanderbeck Farm – Mt Angel, Oregon

Riverland Ranch – Lebanon, Oregon

Three Strand Farm – Lebanon, Oregon

Event Styling

Sue Blue Events


Beauty Base – Natalie Thorpe

Kaelin McDowell

Alex Radkin


Hair Column

Alex Radkin

Mallory Gilstrap


Ali B Design

Gypsy Bleu Floral

Heirbloom Floral

Good Seed Floral


Mrs Sipe’s Sweets


Goodco Studios

Custom Signs + Hand Lettering

Maggie Murray Creative

Clink n Kiss

My Fair Letters

Old City Mail Room


For the Love of Pete