4 Month Mentor Program *BOOKING FEE*

4 Month Mentor Program *BOOKING FEE*


Payment options for balance - $300 to book, $900 total

I am a coach, teacher + encourager by nature. I have loved doing both in person + phone mentor sessions - however I feel like I have so much more to offer + could be doing more to help others grow their business besides a few hours together.

So the 4 Month Mentor Program was born - an opportunity to come alongside you, walk you in depth through every aspect of your business + photo skills to achieve your goals. I am offering 3 different cohort opportunities running either from October-January, December-March or February-May. This will allow you to be purposeful + move through the slower season with intent to come out the other side ready to tackle the season + absolutely kill it with a revamped mindset, business + confidence!

This program is flexible + applicable, regardless of if you’re local to me, or across the country! There will be 2 components to the program: individual + group. At the beginning of our time together, we will chat + set up some of your main goals + areas you want to focus the most. We will break it down to tangible steps to achieve your goals + increase your skills + confidence in these areas. Dependent on your schedule + availability, we will do weekly or bi-weekly check-ins, either in person, phone or FaceTime so that I can offer support, teach + encourage you along this journey! As a group, I will send weekly emails focusing on different tips + tricks that can apply to everyone, varying from PDFs or video lessons + clips from my own sessions to learn different aspects of the client experience - whether your focus is couples, seniors or both!

During these 4 months, I will work closely with you, be available to you + have every part of my work be an open book - nothing is off limits. My ultimate goal is to have you gain as much as you can from this experience, skip as much of the “learning the hard way” as possible so you can spend more time actively pursuing your passion + loving it!

I truly want to see everyone succeed + have this be a viable option, so payment options are available! Contact me with any questions!

The first cohort is underway! Started October 1st.

Second cohort starts December 1st. Must be registered by November 30th.

Third cohort starts February 1st, Must be registered by January 31st.

$300 to book

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