This is for all you ladies out there who feel like you're getting lost in the industry, who have a passion for photography + serving your clients, but feel like you keep falling short or struggle with being "enough". Maybe you've been doing this for a while and are feeling like you're in a rut or maybe you have all the enthusiasm and fire in you to pursue this thing and just don't know how. 

Let's pursue our big dreams together!

I want to inspire other photographers to come back to their passion, stay true to themselves, their art + vision rather than falling into the comparison game + questioning their worth + talent. To help others know their value + how to tell love stories in a unique + authentic way.

Come spend the day in beautiful Bend, Oregon learning all about:

Coming Back + Digging Into Our WHY

Branding + Marketing

Finding Your Ideal Client

Making A Sought After Client Experience - How To Serve Your Clients Well + Tell Their Story

Booking Travel


Social Media

Directing vs Posing

Self-Care, Self-Worth + The Comparison Game


Fun + Playful Couple Sessions

We will carpool from Bend to Painted Hills - we will be able to chat on the way, and swap groups for carpooling on the way home so everyone gets the chance to ask me questions and talk about photography!


approximately 1 month after the workshop, we will do a chat session to follow up on any questions you may have, do some 1:1 and business coaching where I will be able to help break down any barriers you have and help you with seamless implementation of the content you learned!


1 Day Workshop


April 13, 2019

Price includes the education you can take in, snacks + lunch!

$200 due to register / balance due 2 weeks before event

Interested? I know you are!!