I'm Nikki - small town Oregon girl with a heart for travel, adventure + capturing all the beauty + mess of life + love. Most days you'll find me with a cold brew coffee in my hand (or my regular drip coffee that has since turned cold), wearing an oversized sweater (because I'm literally always cold) and testing the limits of dry shampoo. I'm a Christian, mama + wife. When I'm not curled up with my laptop or out shooting, you'll find me lovin' on my littles (TWINS!!) - either running around or playing in the pool. I'm a fur baby mama to two adorable dogs - Barkleigh is my goldendoodle puppy + total obsession!! My yellow lab pup, Bentley is the biggest ball of energy that would probably have been more appropriately named Tigger + still thinks she's a lap dog, but she's super cute + lovey, so I let her get away with it.

I'm obsessed with rose gold, everything s'mores, polka dots + coffee mugs. All things PNW have my heart. You can bet that if I'm editing, Grey's, Gilmore Girls or One Tree Hill are on in the background + I can quote any Friends or How I Met Your Mother episode. I get incredibly excited over the littlest things + will cry easily over a special moment or good movie (or Grey's episode - let's be real). I have a huge heart for Mental Health (as that was my career the past 7 years before deciding to go full time with this photo biz) + am often advocating + campaigning around Mental Health awareness + Suicide Prevention.

I've got an endless list of places I want to see + have made it a goal to get in as much travel as I can while telling as many love stories as possible (maybe even yours!)

Think we could be best friends?! I'd love to grab coffee + go chat with you!!

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I can’t wait to tell your story…