senior sunday / what to wear

One of the biggest questions I get about senior sessions is "What should I wear?!" So take a deep breath and relax, because I got your back! Here are a few tips and go-to outfits to help inspire your perfect session outfits!

Tip #1: Wear what is the most YOU

It's always super fun to go shopping for new clothes before photos, however here's one thing we tend to forget - How many times have you gone shopping and bought something you love, only to wear it later and realize it isn't as glamorous as you originally thought? If that happens before your senior session, that top or outfit that now hangs lonely in your closet is forever in these images. I'm all about shopping and getting fun new items - just plan this a few weeks before your session so you have time to decide whether the new clothes are truly you or an impulsive store purchase.

Tip #2: What's underneath really does matter

Make sure that when you are planning out your outfits, that you take everything into consideration. Double check that your bra is the right color and type of fit so that your straps aren't going to show under your top. You don't want anything to be distracting from how amazing you look. If you are wearing white, go for nude color under garments to minimize them showing - white under white tends to highlight a lot, and avoid dark colors or patterns as well.

Tip #3: Add variety + you don't always have to dress for the season

Most of you have your senior sessions in the summer/fall going into your senior year - but you might not want all of your photos to look summer or fall. Take this opportunity to mix it up and add variety to your outfits. Jeans, shorts/rompers, dresses - add a little of everything and you'll make sure you'll have a gallery of images you're happy with and fully represent you. I also recommend bringing 2-3 additional outfits so that you and your photographer can pick out the best ones for your location and style of your session.

Tip #4: Be mindful of your location and outfit choices

Bright, bold patterns might be your style, but those don't necessarily photograph well in every location, just like you wouldn't want dark, edgy outfits in bright fields of flowers. Make sure you discuss your favorite go-to outfits and your location preferences with your photographer so that everything will look the best possible. They might even have a few location ideas that fit perfect for your style!

Tip #5: Accessorize!!

Accessories are your friend and can add so much extra to your outfits. Hats, necklaces, scarves, earrings, glasses - all of it! Think about all the little details as they can make a big impact. If you usually wear glasses, definitely wear them to your session as well - you want to look the most you at your session. Just keep in mind if your glasses are transitional or glare, give your photographer a heads up so they can adjust as needed - transitional lenses may need to stay hidden until the last moment if it’s bright out so you can see those beautiful eyes! 


Here are a few of my go-to outfit inspiration boards to help you out - made especially for NBP by the amazing SincerelyMar :)


NBP Senior Magazine Urban


NBP Senior Magazine Country Rustic


NBP Senior Magazine Natural